Sunday, December 29, 2013

Truitt Family Christmas 2013

Another family Christmas get together!! This is Bob's children and grandkids, and we are a houseful!! Several of these kids are 6 ft. tall or close to, and our house is small, so it made for lots of togetherness, lol!! They all made it this year! We're trying to decide whether to build on or rent a bigger building!! lol  Great bunch of kids here, and lots of fun and laughter!!
Michaela,  the youngest Truitt granddaughter, so she got to do the honors and open the first gift!! Grandpa watching!

Katie, another one in our family who loves to read!!

Noah, this game should keep him entertained awhile!!

Thomas getting ready to check his gift out!!

Tate happy with his Itunes gift card!! Micah and Noah looking on!

Ali with her display softball!! We got to watch her play softball in a tournament here this summer!! Sister, Katie, looking on!

Micah, our college student, gets her turn!! Her brother, Tate, ready to help  if needed, lol!!

She's getting there!

Don't want to hurry the suspense!!
It turned out to be a pair of black slacks just perfect for her teacher image. She is a junior at Greenville College in Illinois studying for her teaching degree!

Mike checking out the family bag!!

Lawayne looking through his family bag!! He's our Lowes employee, having worked there as a checker for quite a few years now!

Kevin and Brenda looking up, checking out how well son, Thomases new flashlight works!

Isaac, Susan's husband, relaxing.

These kids really love their daddy!!

Susan and Lawayne Relaxing Checking Things Out!

Let the games begin!!


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