Sunday, November 24, 2013

Christmas Has Come To Fairview!!!

Love our little town of Fairview!! So many neat traditions have evolved over the years, and one of my favorite is when Christmas comes to Fairview with the Christmas Lighting Parade!  Everybody turns out for this event no matter how cold out, and it was COLD last night. Next weekend will be another celebration of Christmas in Fairview with fireworks and tax free shopping!  Only in Fairview do you get fireworks on 4th of July and Christmas!! Lol   What awesome people we have here who work so hard to make the holidays so much fun for so many!!  Following are just a few of the really neat floats that made up the parade!

Charlyn Parker, my friend and neighbor,  our parade marshal for the Christmas Lighting Parade!

Love the old time atmosphere of a lot of our newly renovated buildings downtown. Think people are yearning to go back to a simpler, slower paced world!

Here it comes!!

A few of the hard working people who helped put on this awesome celebration!

And we really don't want to forget Thanksgiving!!

Santa and his sleigh made it to town!!

Don't forget Frosty The Snowman!

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