Saturday, March 16, 2013

Girl's Day Out!!

Friday Marshalene and I got to have a girl's day out!! First we went to Hennessey, and Chelsea gave Marshalene a color touch up while mema got to play with little Saylor Grace!  Then we had a delicious lunch at a neat cafe in Hennessey that specializes in sandwiches, soups, and yummy desserts.  I had the biggest & best roast chicken chef salad that I have ever had! Then Chelsea had to go back to work, so Marshalene and I headed north to Enid and some good old browsing around Hobby Lobby, one of our favorite stores. Next on our outing was a stop at Braum's, oh my, mint chocolate chip ice cream!!  On the way home Marshalene whips into the old antique shop in Lahoma, saying "I've always wanted to stop here"!  Wow, lots of old neat stuff to check out there!  Then since it was going on 5 o'clock, we decided we probably better head home!  What a fun day, and just what we both needed.  Thank you, Marshalene, for inviting me along to share your day out!

This is the happiest little sweetie ever!!

Who needs this thing?  I'll just push it!!

Such a cutie, and she loves to pose for pictures!!

Just two pretty girls!!
Please don't kill me Marshalene for putting this one on here!  Just thought this was such a sweet pic of you two!

Well, Saylor's done in!! We did a good job of wearing this little gal out.  Mema doesn't mind the rest either!

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  1. O my goodness! You are in TROUBLE! Just kidding! I guess we forgot to get the "after" picture, didn't we? :) It was a fun time and that little Saylor is a SWEETIE!!! :)