Saturday, January 19, 2013

My Sister Joy

A week ago today a very special person in my life had her 80th birthday.  My sister, Joy, has been all things to me over the years.  We lost our mother when I was 20, so Joy has been sister, mother, and friend to me and my family over the years.  She is one of the most giving people that I know and loves to crochet and do embroidery, and over the years has had huge gardens that her daughter-in-law says are big enough to feed all of China.  Much of the things she makes and grows she gives to her friends and family.  I think her big love is her flowerbeds and miniature rose bushes which are always beautiful.  She has had to slow down the last couple of years due to arthritis but still does all she can to keep busy like keeping the cookie jar filled for her grandsons!
I wish you many, many more years, Joy, to enjoy your family, friends and all the things that you love to do!!
Following are some pics of Joy's growing up years.


Mama and Joy

Joy and cousin, Lynn
Joy and Lynn With Puppies
Joy's Grade School Pic
Joy With Cousins, Violet, Marjorie, and Sis, JoAnn
Joy with cousins Lynn, Violet, Julian, Patsy, Brother Kenny, and Sister, JoAnn
Joy's High School Pic
Joy This Summer With Friends, Monette and Shirley 

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