Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Time Flies!!!

Wow! Unbelievable, fall is getting closer, but that's okay!  It truly is my very favorite time of the year! Absolutely cannot beat, pumpkin everything, cooler temps, and beautiful fall colors, reds, yellows, a bit of brown, holidays, family get togethers, smell of campfire smoke!  What is not to love! 
Here,  though are a few of my recent summer pics and memories, and lots of beautiful sunsets and sunrises we have been blessed with lately!

The very last picture is of a special happening a little over a  month ago.  I have been dealing with rapid hearing loss the last few years, and it had finally gotten to the point that I was having a very difficult time communicating with family and friends and just the world in general.  So after much research, prayer, and, of course, anxiety, I had a cochlear implant.  This was my only chance at this time to resume a normal life.  My choices were to give up and resign myself to more or less letting life pass me by or give this a chance,  and that just was not an option for me, so I had cochlear implant surgery done on my left ear, and will continue to wear a hearing aid in the other. This is called bi-modal hearing.  The two work together to improve my hearing abilities and quality of life.  After surgery I had to wait two weeks for healing, and then the big day, Dr. Tinius, at Hedges Hearing in Enid, turned it on.  It truly is a journey.  It will take 6 month to 2 years for it to be totally adjusted and mapped as it is called, but I can already tell a difference, and am so thankful that this was possible for me.  It truly is a blessing from the Lord!!

2 Little Zippy Green Lizard Hunters

Our Lovely Gloss Mountains Just West Of Our Town
This is actually just a bit of them.  They extend quite a distance south and on west, some higher than others.

This adorable little guy captured all our hearts.  He was a precious little foster baby that my kids were blessed to have in their home for several months this summer!!

They are all just having so much fun! This was a bittersweet moment, because the little one had to be moved closer to his natural family the next day, and we were enjoying some precious moments with him!

Our beautiful Canton Lake On a Sunday Afternoon

Prarie dogs that live at Canton Lake

Some of our large bunny population we've had in our yard this summer.

The kids enjoying a fun bike ride on a beautiful summer evening.

We have had an abundance of these fun little birds this summer.  It's winding down though, and they will soon be heading south.

One of a few pretty zinnias left in the flowerbeds.

The Monarchs are moving in.

Just thought this mushroom that sprung up overnight was so pretty!

This was the cover I had to wear over my ear for 24 hours after my cochlear surgery. Someone had fun with smiley faces, lol!!