Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Long Overdue Post!! Season's Have Changed!

Been way too long since I've updated my blog, but as fall and the holidays move in, time really seems to get away from me!  These are recent pics of our awesome nature and a few Thanksgiving family pics!  Love this time of the year!!

Blazing color to finish the day!  Only God can paint the skies this beautifully!

Loaded crab apple tree getting it's fall colors on!

Our huge cottonwood tree finally turned gold!  It was really hanging onto the green!

And so it arrives on Thanksgiving weekend!  Late fall ice storm!

Great granddaughter, Addie, getting her first taste of mashed potatoes!  She did not like them! lol

Pretty granddaughter, Chelsea and sweet great granddaughter, Saylor Thanksgiving weekend.

Grandkids, Kyler, Chelsea and hubby, Cody

Icy beauty!

Capped off with a couple of sunrises recently!

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Merry Christmas and God Bless Each Of You!!

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