Monday, October 21, 2013

Looking For Fall!!

Been keeping my eyes out for anything that looks like fall!!  Wish I could add the wonderful smell of wood smoke to my blog also! Just love this time of year, and it goes by way too fast! Just a few pics here of some of my fall observations the last few days!
Maple turning color at the Commons in Enid where Bob's daughter lives.

Fall arrangement in front of a downtown business.

My attempt at making a fall arrangement!

A young maple in our front yard turning color.

Crab Apples are turning red!!

A beautiful red rose that escaped the frost we had a couple of mornings ago!

Wonderful smelling campfire that I got to enjoy with my kids Thursday evening!

Daughter-in-law's neat fall decoration.

Last but not least a gorgeous sunset from our street a few nights ago!!

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