Friday, August 23, 2013

Relaxing Evening Of Random Picture Taking

Sometimes I like to just sit on the patio swing and take pics or just randomly take pics of whatever strikes me!  Love it, no pressure, just relax and have fun!! These are a few I have captured lately.

Sun going down, and a beautiful evening!

Sun glinting off of the scissortails on the antenna.


In Black & White, love these options on my digital camera!!

Night of the blue moon!

Roses making a comeback!

Little guy watching me take pics of him!!

Little bit windy, and have to share with the yellowjackets!

Pots, vincas, petunias, and would like to know what the tall lavender ones are.  Got this pot from the FFA kids this spring, and it has been so pretty all summer!

Wish I had taken this one, but my son, Scott took it last week in San Diego on a business trip!  He said temps were in the 70's, and it was just gorgeous there.  Said if he ever moved this is where he would like to live!

Statue of one of the explorers who sailed to the California coast.

Well, little different theme here!  This was my project for this afternoon, big jar of pickles for a granddaughter, and a jar of pickled hot peppers for my son's birthday! We'll keep the little jar for Bob and I.  Still eating on crock pickles!

And, of course, have to have at least one pic of a grandkid!!! Love this little sweetie!  Thursdays have been grandkid day here for a long time.  Well, Hunter, is in school all day now , so the arrangement is a little different.  Winston is here in the morning, then I picked up Hunter from school at 3:15, and he spent a couple of hours with mema . 

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