Friday, May 4, 2012

Nature & Other Fun Things!!

Peonies in full bloom!

 First gaillardia daisy to bloom in my flowerbed!

Love gerbera daisies!

Yum, mulberries are ripe & sweet!!

My view from the patio swing!!


More butterflies!!

First oriole I've seen in the yard this season!!
Sissy cat enjoying a nice evening!!

Last drink before bedtime! 

Cloudless sky equals good pic of the moon!!

Hummer has to share with the butterflies and sometimes the bees!!

Pots planted, now waiting for the plants to grow!!

Beautiful sunrise recently!

Love red roses, and the fragrance is awesome!

Peaking through!!


  1. Beautiful photos! Some of these could be enlarged, framed and put with a Bible verse. LOVE THEM!!! Thanks so much for helping out with the boys today! You are such a blessing to us. The boys could live with you and probably never miss us! Ha!!! :) Thanks so much!

    1. We had a great time!! Mulberry tree, 4 wheelin',playing in the water, trains, and we can't forget Taco Mayo. Winston was starting to look a little droopy by the time I took them home. They are little sweeties and were so good! Love 'em lots!! They for sure are little blessings, and just think 3 more weeks and we'll have another little sweetie, so anxious to see him! Hope you had a good relaxing day. Love ya!