Friday, March 25, 2011

More Signs Of Spring And The Flag Fairy

Each spring I look forward to the time that I see the first green shoots and the first buds on my ornamental trees.  It signals that spring is really on the way.
The crabapple tree will be covered with beautiful pink flowers which will give way to green little crabapples which will turn a brilliant red in the fall and stay there all winter to feed the birds and just look pretty on the bare branches.  The Japanese Plum is now covered with pretty white flowers which just adds to nature's spring colors.  Then I have in my neighborhood "The Flag Fairy" who keeps me up on all the latest season's flags.  This dear lady is actually who I call my "south south friend"  because she lives 2 doors down south from me.
I came home from a friend's funeral yesterday to find this adorable flag already hung on my pole, and another one laying on my front porch bench to be put up a little later in the summer.   God's blessings are everywhere we look from nature to dear friends who are always looking for ways to bless us!!

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